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Helping you transform Customer needs into Product Excellence. 

From concept to launch, my 12-year expertise in design thinking drives the creation of products that not only solve human-centered design problems but also shape market trends.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping customer journeys to uncover key touchpoints, enhancing user experience by understanding and addressing customer needs and pain points.

Customer Data Analysis

Performing in-depth data analysis of customer data to uncover actionable insights, driving strategic decisions and enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Design Thinking - Empathy Interviews

Employing qualitative research through empathy interviews in design thinking, gaining profound insights into user experiences to drive innovation.

Product Ideation

Leading ideation and strategy sessions to generate innovative concepts, aligning with business goals and customer needs for impactful solutions.


Conducting interactive workshops using Figma and Mural to facilitate collaborative design and ideation, enhancing team creativity and project outcomes.

Prototypes and Testing

Creating and testing prototypes to iteratively refine product designs, ensuring functionality and user satisfaction align with project objectives.

Example Case Study: 


Design Goal: 

What do customers want in a life insurance product?

This qualitative research project was to uncover the holistic customer needs around purchasing life insurance and wealth management products. 

To achieve this, I conducted over 100 qualitative customer research interviews, group synthesis and ideation workshops, and led four customer need divisions, managing 30 team members in each group.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Analysis via VOC Survey
  • Empathy Interviews
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Group Synthesis Sessions
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Usability Testing
  • Viability and Feasibility Testing
  • Milestone Presentations

95% Success Rate on Feasability Testing

Key Insights and Learnings from the Project:

Improved Accuracy by 72%

Impact and Results

40 1:1 Customer interviews, 80 Synthesis sessions. 

Enhanced customer experience by 72% by identifying key performance factors in life insurance products, leading to significantly higher returns and customer satisfaction.

Achieved a 95% success rate in feasibility testing, demonstrating our capability to precisely tailor performance factors according to customer needs.

Live Prototype Building

Conducted dynamic prototype-building sessions with customers who participated in our empathy research, integrating real-time feedback and insights.

Over 120 Ideas and one key solution.

In this case study, we generated over 120 innovative ideas, leading to one key solution that significantly shifted the market positioning of a $100M life insurance product.

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